For your accommodation in Kalavrita you can choose among 10 rooms (two-bed rooms, three-bed rooms, rooms with a fireplace) and 2 suites, Artemis and Athina.

All our rooms are furnished with quality, all modern comforts and maintaining the tradition of scenic Kalavryta. The rooms are spacious, bathed in light, offering en excellent view of the verdurous square of Kalavryta. All have got phone, TV, hair dryer and some of them have bathroom with hydro-massage.

Rooms with a fireplace: The rooms with a fire place are of traditional aesthetics. They combine warmth with luxury.
Two-bed rooms: Traditional rooms with all modern facilities-bathroom, TV, autonomous heating.
Three-bed rooms: Three-bed rooms offer the possibility to a family to enjoy its residence days in our town.
Suites: For couples as well as for four-member families.
Furthermore, Artemis is a suite bathed in sunshine, as it is surrounded by windows and a big balcony, with an excellent view of the square and of all places of our town.

The comfort and the attention to our visitors in combination with the high quality services are our prime target, in order to make your accommodation pleasant and full of beautiful moments.